The V90 is ideal for Robinson owners looking for high quality solution at an affordable price !

V90 Model Specification
Lift:Manual Hydraulic Lift
Handle: Single fold handle
Front wheel:Single pneumatic swivel wheel
Rear wheels: Regular traction wheels 10"x3" (25x7cm)
Ground Clearance:1.25" (3cm)
Works best:For Robinsons only, on paved tarmac and snow free environments
General Light Carts Specifications
Traction System:2x 300 watts motors
Batteries: 12 volts deep cycle
2x Group 24
70-85 amps hour
10 7/8"x6 3/4"x9 7/8" (28x17x25cm)
(Batteries not included)
(Known as "marine" or "Camping Car", readily available worldwide)
Battery charger:4amps, 115/230v (Included)
Control Panel: For V90: Regular Handle with push button to move.
For V204, V201 & V301: Popular Tiller handle allowing more precise movements
Brakes:Set to OFF position for free wheel mode
(Can be put in ON position for slope operation).
Robinson R22
Planes Up to Cessna 310
P/N Option Description Images
Tow hook for light plane
With this option, you can tow light planes by adding hook