Helicopter Towbar


by Helitowcart

Helitowcart's Towbars are a great affordable way to move your helicopter with an existing vehicule. Their sturdiness and their great compatibily makes them an excellent solution to move your helicopter around.

Includes Foldable Handle

Our much appreciated foldable handle allows users to move a helicopter manually as well as with a vehicule. It can then be folded when coupled with a vehicule or simply to save space for storage.

Available Couplers

(one included with the Towbar)

Coupler Description Images
2" (50.8mm) Trailer Coupler This coupler allows mounting a 2" (50.8mm) hitch ball
1 7/8" (47mm) Trailer Coupler This coupler allows mounting a 1 7/8" (47.6mm) hitch ball
O-Ring This coupler is often used with airport tugs

Models available

HTB45-HD - Universal Towbar

For Airbus, Bell, B206B, B206L, B407, AS350, H120 (EC120), H130 (EC130), Robinsons (with AT44 attachement option) & Enstroms

Great solution for light turbine helicopters & Single man operation.

HTB44 - Robinson towbar

for R22, R44, R66

Tow your Robinson securely using your tractor or golf cart with this smartly designed tow bar or as a hand-held tow bar.

Towbars Photo Gallery

HTB44 Towbar (LEFT) and HTB45-HD Towbar (RIGHT)

HTB45-HD Towbar (LEFT) and HTB44 Towbar (RIGHT) with AT44 attachement system

HTB44 Towbar with Robinson 44 coupled to golf cart

HTB44 Towbar with Robinson 44 with foldable handle

HTB45-HD Towbar with AS350

HTB45-HD Towbar