HC-120R3 Rear Seat Kit Cushions for EC120 / H120


H120 Rear Seat Kit (seats 3 people)

With comfort and quality in mind, the Helitowcart rear seat cushions kit for the H120 / EC120 is the replacement of choice. Easy to install. Sold as a kit to seat three people.

Compatible with:
• Airbus EC120 / H120

Unmatched Comfortability

Choose your fabric

Available in 5 different color tones

Part Ordering

HC-120R3-F01 HC-120R3 Seat Kit in Tricot Anthracite (seats 3 people)
HC-120R3-F02 HC-120R3 Seat Kit in Black Polyester (seats 3 people)
HC-120R3-F03 HC-120R3 Seat Kit in Black Synthetic Leather (seats 3 people)
HC-120R3-F04 HC-120R3 Seat Kit in Ash Synthetic Leather (seats 3 people)
HC-120R3-F05 HC-120R3 Seat Kit in Beige Synthetic Leather (seats 3 people)