External Power Receptacle


EPR Brochure (1.2 Mb)

EPR Techical 92901 (629 Kb)

EPR Techical 92911 (274 Kb)

Yes! You can use an APU to power/start your R44!

For Robinson 44

  1. Quick Connect Receptacle

  2. Fits Universal Aircraft Three Prong APU Plugs

  3. Easily Accessible within the engine compartment

  4. Quick & simple installation

  5. Well designed: Ensures safe power transfers

The EPR44: the efficient solution

  • High quality construction. Sturdiness.

  • Designed for R44s with battery located in the engine compartment.

  • Can also be fitted to nose or tail mounted batteries (optional).

  • Compatible with 28v operated R44s only.

EPR socket for Robinson 44

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