V1060 series - HeliCarrier for Wheeled Helicopters

Product Information

The HeliCarrier V1060 series device was created to tow helicopters equipped with wheeled undercarriage. These machines are designed to handle helicopters by lifting and carrying the helicopter nose wheel.

The V1060s are an addition to the powerful V1000 Heli-Carrier series. The units offer great flexibility as they can perform tight radius turns for precise helicopter positioning.

Aiming for versatility, these carriers can serve more than 35 helicopter types (see compatibility page) as well as planes such as the King Air and light jets.

See it in action!

V1060 with AW109

V1062 with Sikorsky S-92

V1061-RC Remote Control

Remote control option

Ideal for tailwheels such as S-61 and UH-60 Blackhawk.

Also Available : « Combi »
for Skids & Wheels

The V1060 Combi models allow using the same HeliCarrier for skidded and wheeled helicopters.

Enjoy Efficiency

  • Handle heavier helicopters with ease

  • Perform precision hangaring

  • End labour interruptions due to handling

  • Make operators fully & safely autonomous

V1060 with AW109

Extra Powerful

V1062 with Sikorsky S-92

Tows up to:
30 000 lbs (13 600 kg)
Lifts heli nose up to:
7 500 lbs (3 400 kg)
Pulls up to:
2 000 lbs (909 kg)

V1062 with Sikorsky S-92 on Landing Net

Simple Hook, Pull, Lift & Go

  • Fits multiple helicopter types

  • Ideal for small operating spaces

  • Supports one man operations

  • Great pneumatic adherent traction

  • Remote controlled model available

  • Can perform very tight radius turns

  • Extra precision in low speed for delicate manoeuvres

  • V1062 Works on landing nets

  • Available with Marine Coating & Crane Hooks


3 Point Ground Contact

Ensures continuous balance over uneven terrain

High Clearance 6" (15cm)

Ideal for uneven terrain

Hand Held Grip

Ensures precision & operator view of tail & blades in hangar

Attachment types

We determine the appropriate attachment strap or hook according to the helicopter types for each fleet. For Twin Nose Wheels we usually supply straps (included with carrier), but we can also add a Strap Hook if desired. For Single Nose Wheels we add a Tow Bar Type Hook specific to helicopter.

For specific needs we are open to develop custom adapters for attachment and/or bucket configurations. Contact us.



Tow Bar Hook

Pulling Helicopter Into Bucket

Helicopter ready to be pulled

Helicopter pulled in bucket

Suggested usage

Multiple models to best suit your needs.



V1061-RC Shown

Model Ideal For
V1060-20, -22
Skidded and Wheeled
A combination of the V1060 and V1020 or V1022 with bucket, attachement arms and longer legs. Providing compatibility with both wheeled helicopters and skidded helicopters.
V1060 Regular Tarmac
Fits best under helicopters with lower underbellies or fitted with accessories such as antennas.
V1061 Challenging Tarmac
A combination of the V1060 and V1062. Keeping the smaller support wheels of the V1060 to roll easily under low underbellies, and using the very large traction wheel and three times more powerful traction motor of the V1062 to roll over challenging terrain.
V1062 Oil Platform Landing Net
All large pneumatic wheels to roll on tough landing nets along with corresponding extra powerful traction wheel motor needed for such demanding task.


Wheel type, wheel size and corresponding traction motor capability are the main variances from one model to another.

V1060 V1061 V1062
Traction Torque
vs Speed
1200 lbs Pull Capacity, Regular power
(Faster for long distance)
× ×
3000 lbs Pull Capacity, Extra power
Slower (for short distances)
× ×
Traction Wheel View photo 16.5" (42cm) Pneumatic
(For regular tarmac)
× ×
20" (51cm) Pneumatic
(For rugged terrain, slope & landing nets)
× ×
Support Wheels View photo 12" (30cm) Full Rubber
(For regular tarmac)
× × ×
16.5" (42cm) Pneumatic
(For rugged terrain & for landing nets)
Skidded Helicopters support: Counterweight Arms and Support Arms ×

Technical Specifications

Same heavy duty construction & hydraulic system as the successful V1000s for skidded helicopters.

V1061 V1062
Traction Wheel: V1060 & V1060-20
Deep set threads pneumatic tire.
16.5"x 6.5" (42 x 17cm)
V1061 & V1062
Deep set threads pneumatic tire.
20" x 8" (51 x 20cm)
Hydraulic Pump: Gear pump. Max. 4500 lbs (1590kg)
8.5.c.c. per rev. High flow pump for faster speed.
Oil Tank: Large Oil tank for 100% Duty Cycle. Greater oil quantity helps maintain low temperature and thus lowers energy consumption
Drive Motor: Using only 4 hp of the 20 hp. availble / up to 10 kw capacity / 48 volts / fan cooled continuous use 80% duty cycle motor.
Electrical System: 48v DC Motor / 12v valve driver / 24v to APU (option).
Converter: 48v-to-12v Converter added to ensure batteries discharge equally. Prevents uneven long term battery performance.
Batteries: Carrier requires 4 x 12 volts Deep Cycle Batteries (size: Group 27) Our model: BAGM27 absorbed glass mat (AGM).
Autonomy: Varies with oil pressure setting, traction motor model, helicopter weight & surface condition 10 hangaring-cycles of approx x 500'(150m)
Battery Charger: Included. 115/230v / 18 amps.
Hydraulic Traction Wheel Motor: 1200 lbs Pull Capacity @ 3000 psi 3000 lbs Pull Capacity @ 3000 psi
Slope Brake System: Hydraulic lock valve ensures controlled speed on slopes & curtails free rolling when machine is not in function
Operation: Right hand grip slider button controls low speed horizontal movement. Left hand grip slider button controls vertical movement. For extra safety: Fast speed requires holding both grips. Index finger on left hand grip activates fast speed mode.
Turn Radius: Capability to perform very tight turns. Direction wheels has 200° rotation range. Ideal for tight space.

Compatibility Chart

Manufacturer Models → Combi
V1060 V1061 V1062
Sikorsky S-61 (Tailwheel) × × × × ×
S-76 × × ×
S-92 M M × × ×
S-58 / H-34 (Tailwheel) × × × × ×
CH-53 Sea Stallion M M
SH-60 Seahawk (Tailwheel) × × × × ×
UH-60 Blackhawk (Tailwheel) × × × × ×
CH-124 Sea King (Tailwheel) × × × × ×
formerly Agusta Westland
AW109 × × ×
AW139 × × × × ×
AW169 × × × × ×
AW189 × × × × ×
AW101 / CH-149 × × ×
Bell B230 / B430 × TBD × ×
B525 M M × × TBD
B206B × ×
B206L S S
B407 S S
B230 (Skids) × ×
Airbus AS365 / H155 Dauphin × TBD × × ×
H175 M M × × ×
AS330 Puma M M × × ×
AS332 / EC225 Super Puma M M × × ×
AS350 / AS355 × ×
H120 × ×
H130 × ×
H135 × ×
H145 M
Mil Moscow Mi-8 / Mi-17 M M M × ×
Erickson Aircrane S-64 M × ×
Kaman K-MAX × × ×
Boeing CH46 / BV107 × ×
Planes Up to 30 000 lbs (13600kg) such as Beechcraft, Cessna, Embraer, Gulfstream, Learjet, Pilatus, Piper, etc. × × × × ×

** Contact Helitowcart for any enquiry regarding possible compatibility to other aircraft types


Code Description
× Compatible
NOT Compatible
TBD To be determined (Needs Verification)
M Marginal in rough terrain / icy surfaces. Movement of heavier helicopters may be marginal in conditions like rough terrain or icy condictions. Please contact Helitowcart for validation with your helicopter.
S Special Config May be Required Please contact Helitowcart for validation with your helicopter.

Measure Tool

Download our V1060 series measure tool to confirm compatibility with your helicopters

Helicarrier Measure Tool for Wheeled Helicopters (0.3 MB)


Extend your Carrier applications : Add features to meet your needs and enjoy even more Efficiency.

Order ID Description
No 1


New ! Radio Controlled Carrier Option

V1061-RC Shown

Heavy Duty - Remote Control Transmitter

  • Automatic Millisecond Frequency Hopping for higher safety

  • Transmission method: "Listen before talk" Technology fo Europe

  • Frequency ranges:
    Europe: 433,075-434, 775 MHz (69 Channels)
    North America: 902-928 MHz FCC ID : SCAH153V2

Heavy Duty - Hydraulic Driven Steering

  • With Compact Hydraulic Rotary Actuator

  • Rugged, Reliable, High Torque performance

  • Smooth Heavy Machinery Class Steering

Option Remote control: V1000-RC

Heavy Duty - Proportional Directional Spool Valve

  • Valve with load sensing that provides high energy efficiency

  • Each flow section sized for precise control via custom machined spool (from 2 to 5 liters/min according to specific actions needed)

  • All Spools with electronic adjustement & back-up manual adjustement

  • All surfaces corrosion-inhibition, gas nitride.

Ideal for very Small landing pad zones. Allows operator to position himself anywhere to efforlessly direct the carrier. Remote control option still allows direction wheel to turn on 185°.


Option Marine Environment Coating

Adapt Carrier to particulars of sea operations with more protective coating and triple crane hooks for loading onto vessel & storage away from landing pad.

Our Marine Environment Coating:

  • 1- Surface Preparation, Sanding, Solvent & Phosphoric Acid wash.

  • 2- Primer 1/2 1 coat @ Clovazinc 3 (Organic zinc primer)

  • 3- Primer 2/2 1 coat @ Cloverguard (High Build epoxy)

  • 4- Paint 1/2 1 coat @ Gemini Armour Shield (From Cloverdale)

  • 5- Paint 2/2 1 coat @ Gemini Armour Shield (From Cloverdale)

  • 6- Linen Oil pulverisation within tube frames to seal all areas that cannot be painted

  • 7- Electric terminal Connections Sealing manually applied on batt. terminals & connectors

Coating process in 7 steps. Includes 3 crane hooks.


Extra long 50' (15m) long battery Charger Cord

Extra long 50' (15m) long battery Charger Cord for Carriers stored in zones for long term storage such as Oil Platforms. 12 Gauge cable with Anderson tips.


Option Tarp Cover

Protect carrier with tarp. Made with high quality 600 denier polyester fabric coated with acrylic, meeting multiple FR Standarts. Tarp is supplied with two vents.


LED lights

To ensure capability to attach and manoeuvre safely outside daylight hours and for optimal view inside hangar. Two powerfull lights positioned to have a clear view of helicopter skids et tail. Adjustable direction for individual preference.

2 powerful LED lights Each 27w, 2000lm, 6000k, 24v


24v Capability Power Supply

This ground Power Unit brilliantly extends Carrier use to a second application. It allows to quickly provide power to helicopter using the carrier's own reserves. When needed, It can make the difference.

24v Connected on two batteries (2x 12v) with three prong receptacle


Pivotal Arms

For optimal counterweight arm position choice against skid or to contour floats, use the popular Pivotal Arms. Ideal for fleets of small to large helicopter size.


Extra studded traction wheel

For those few months of constant clear ice conditions add an extra traction wheel fitted with studs.


Side Control Direction Arm Extension

For those crowded hangars. This Side control direction arm allows operator to manoeuvre direction traction wheel while standing beside helicopter. Ideal to maintain feel and control of the machine, and viewing tail & blades while performing turns between helicopter blades or near walls.


Emergency Tow Bar

For military back up requirements.

Ensuring prompt capability to tow carrier back to base in case of carrier failure far away from hangar. Tow bar is stored on carrier and can be released and installed to direction wheel without tools.


Option Extra Battery Compartments

For Intense Operations, increase Carrier Range by doubling Battery pack to 8 batteries
Option is a pair of yellow battery compartments & its wiring.
Add four more batteries (total of 8) Part No. BAGM27


Heavy Duty battery charger

High capacity battery charger to serve 8 batteries efficiently.

18 amps, 115/230v.



For best performance and long life the battery charger is best installed in a well ventilated zone with minimal daily handling.

Experienced operators prefer installing their charger in a permanent location in the hangar.

A 30' (9m) extension cord with specific tips is then used to effortlessly reach the Carrier.


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