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Helicarrier, Fast, Strong, Safe
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  • New Dual Wheels for R44 Clipper / R66 Marine
    Helitowcart is pleased to announce the recently designed ground handling solution for R44 Clipper operators. The Dual Clipper Wheels are designed to allow Clipper operators a safe and practical way to move their aircraft on all types of surfaces, such as grass, gravel, dirt and asphalt. The kit includes dual 10” wheels for the best weight distribution and provides a 2.25” clearance under the skids.
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  • New Dual Tone Fabrics for Seat Cushions
    Helitowcart is now making dual tone seat cushions for even greater looks inside your Helicopter.
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  • Aero Design acquires Bearpaw line from Helitowcart
    Helitowcart is proud to announce that Aero Design has acquired the line of Bearpaws products. This will allow Helitowcart to focus more on the growing market for helicopter moving solutions.
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  • Bell 505 now supported!
    Helitowcart is proud to announce that it has adapted it's Light Duty and Heavy Duty Heli Carriers to move the Bell 505.
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  • New Wheel Racks
    Keep your hangar tidy with Helitowcart's all new Wheel Rack
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  • New H125 Crew Seat Cushions
    In order to support the new generation of H125 (formely knowns as AS350 B3e) helicopters, Helitowcart developped a new seat cushion that's great looking as well as very comfortable.
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