Simple operation

Light Tow Cart devices offer exceptional manoeuvrability for those delicate operations into hangars. They transform the daily task of moving helicopters in and out of hangars into a moment of pleasure. Powerful, precise, easy to use and completely silent they ensure most agreeable work conditions.

Great for Robinsons

Favorites amongst the Robinson helicopter community, the light tow carts are fitted with the safest attachment system designed for Robinsons: the AT44 attachment block. The machines offer smooth operation with pneumatic tires, quick rides for long distances, exceptional range & reliability.


  1. The Helitowcart is a towing device.

  2. After installing his wheels the operator hooks tow cart to helicopter.

  3. He then lifts the helicopter nose slightly and triggers movement in the desired direction.

  4. The machine easily moves the helicopter forward and backward.

  5. Helicopters are hooked to tow carts using safe attachment systems.

  6. This towing concept offers impressive towing capability with compact machines.

Intelligent Control

The Helitowcart is equipped with high quality electronic controller. It ensures impeccable precision and long term reliability. Acceleration and Deceleration are impeccably controlled. This system ensures trusted helicopter handling in crowded hangars.

Battery Powered

The Helitowcart is battery operated. Hangar personnel adore its clean, silent and fume free operation. The machine has a long autonomy between charges. Recommended 12 volts deep cycle batteries are readily available worldwide. The included battery charger is automatic. Battery chargers are 115/230v. It can be left unattended during charging process.

Integral Traction

Traction wheels are independent from each other. Each wheel has its own motor resulting in great performance. The V301 model are also equipped with a de-rated gear mechanism that multiplies torque. This design delivers very powerful traction.

Smooth ride on pneumatics

The Helitowcart is equipped with pneumatic wheels. The large tires provide a smooth ride over pebbles, hangar rails and broken tarmac. The wider wheels can be fitted with winter cables for tough winter conditions. Pneumatic wheels contribute to the superior traction the Helitowcart is known for.