Heavy duty construction

The Heli-Carrier benefits from a heavy frame that is designed to withstand long term challenging operations. This heavy duty construction garanties the units keep their value over time.

Simple operation

The operator simply slides buttons with thumbs. These buttons are located on ergonomic power grips. The operator simply activates up and down movement with the left hand. He activates forward and backward movement with the right hand.

Helitowcart Heavy Duty Construction
Easy operations

Powerful system

A powerful hydraulic pump ensures swift lifting and rolling. This pump is complemented by a high grade drive motor used at a fraction of its potential capacity to ensure exceptional performance

Battery groups

The Heli-Carrier operates with four deep cycle batteries. This allows operators to perform daily activities with sufficient range to have ease of mind. In cases of continuous daily use the battery group can be doubled to eight batteries. The extended range available with the battery groups makes the Heli-Carrier stand first among electrical handling solutions.

HeliCarrier Motor Cabinet with extra batteries

Protection of tarmac and hangar floors

The Heli-Carrier is equipped with five rubber wheels: one main pneumatic traction wheel and four rubber support wheels. This design ensures a distribution of weight on as many points as possible thus protecting hot asphalt and delicate hangar floors. The very large pneumatic traction wheel also ensures protection of hangar floor. These soft wheels provide a smooth ride over hangar rails, hangar floor edges and damaged tarmac.

High clearance 7" (18cm)

Lifting 7" high ensures easy clearance of terrain irregularities. The high clearance also prevents the Heli-Carrier from touching rails and terrain when engaging slopes.

Helicarrier Vertical Position (Low to High)

Adapting to specific needs : Heli-Carrier options

We figure that managers want a solution that they can adapt to their needs as their business evolves over time. This perspective leads us to continuously add new options to adapt the machine to specific needs. A number of options have already been created thanks to the requests of customers. We also ensure to be open to customizing machines to specific needs. Here are some examples:

Option Lighting System

Order ID: OLS

An option that helps individual work the night shift without requiring the help of more personnel. This powerful LED ligthing system ensures safe helicopter tail protection while driving. It also makes the positioning and attachment of the carrier under the helicopter much easier.

Light Option (2 LED lights)

Option Extra Battery Compartments

Order ID: OEBC

These extra battery compartments are set upon each side of the HeliCarrier motor cabinet. The kit can hold four additional batteries.

HeliCarrier with extra battery compartments

Option Long Term Maintenance Kit


This option will give you the needed spare parts to allow ensure continious operation. It features hydraulic filter, hydraulic fluid, grease gun, counterweight arm pads, fuses, safety pins, straps and solenoid.

Maintenance Kit with spare parts

Large Capacity Battery Charger

Order ID: BC18AMPS

This large capacity battery charger (18 amps) is recommended for HeliCarriers equipped with eight batteries.

HeliCarrier 18v Battery Charger

Option Leg Extention


When helicopters are fitted with accessories under the nose, the HeliCarrier legs can be extended to ensure these accessories do not come in conflict with the motor cabinet.

HeliCarrier leg extention required to clear motor cabinet with wire strike installed

Battery Charger Extention 30 feet

Order ID: BCEC30

This custom made extention cord was designed to connect the HeliCarrier to its Battery Charger. It is used when operator protects battery charger by installing it permanently at safe location in hangar.

HeliCarrier 30 feet extension cord for battery charger

Side Control Arm Extention


This quick connect arm extention allows directional control while standing at helicopter side.

HeliCarrier Side Control Arm Extension

Pivotal Counterweight Arms

Order ID: OPCA

These arms allow to contour obstacles such as floatation devices.

HeliCarrier Pivotal Counterweight Arms to contour popout floats equipped skids

Option Emergency Towing


Some military organisations require that a backup system be integrated into the helicopter handling solution. This option provides the means to tow the HeliCarrier back to base should it ever experience failure far from its hangar. The option is a quick connect emergency tow bar to hook the Carrier to a tug or truck. The Heli-Carrier is also equipped with emergency bypass valves to easily lower helicopter to ground and to tow the machine to base.

HeliCarrier Emergency tow bar

Option Studded Traction Wheel

Order ID: OSTW

Additional traction wheel with studs to be used during those extra icy winter months.

HeliCarrier optional studded traction wheel